Additive technologies for mechanical parts repairing

Dragonfly is the Italian partner and product reseller of Optomec, global market leader in solutions for mechanical parts repairing, thanks to LENS® technology (Laser Engineered Net Shaping).

Optomec LENS® technology (Laser Engineered Net Shaping)

Optomec LENS® 3D printing solutions can be used throughout the entire product lifecycle for applications including materials discovery, functional prototyping, manufacturing and hybrid manufacturing, surface coatings, rework and repair. Due to the nature of LENS® process, a high degree of control and process capability is possible. LENS® metal 3D printers are ideally suited to fabricate, enhance and repair high-performance metal components used in Aerospace, Defense, Energy, and Medical devices industries. By using a high power laser and a complete environmental control, LENS® process cost-effectively builds three-dimensional structures with excellent material properties from a wide range of metals, including titanium, stainless steel, nickel, cobalt and other engineering alloys with the quality required for critical applications.

Metal parts repair

The repair of high-value metal components is essential for maximizing part lifetime, reducing operating costs, and maintaining a high level of readiness. Repair methods that add material to worn or damaged areas require exceptional process control and outstanding material quality. The LENS® repair process is highly targeted, precisely adding material to worn or damaged areas with minimal heat effect, enabling repair of the most sensitive thin-walled components such as those found in gas turbine engines. The resulting LENS® repairs have mechanical properties that can be equivalent or even superior to wrought materials. The ability of LENS® system to add material to existing components makes it an essential system for service and repair applications.


Metals available for LENS® technology

LENS® 3D systems are able to process a wide variety of metals including titanium, nickel base superalloys and stainless steel. The main materials available are listed below:


For more information about LENS® technology, applications and materials on Optomec website.


LENS is a registered trademark of Sandia National Labs.