Industrialization and qualification of parts for serial production

The path of parts industrialization and qualification for serial production is aimed at ensuring the quality of parts produced by additive technologies.

Industrialization of parts for serial production

Realization of the physical object through 3D printing requires a path of design for print jobs, which must take into account:
- Material analysis (each material has specific characteristics, which can determine targeted design choices);
- The technology used (which can influence the geometric shape and in its dimensioning);
- The purpose and the physical and mechanical requirements (for example, the roughness or the required mechanical anisotropy);
- Finishing phases
This lead to the industrialization of the part production process, which combines the qualitative requirements of the product with the best efficiency of industrial production.

In particular, the design of 3D files and their printing job consist of:
- Digital design and printing job programming, with the definition of work cycle productivity (positioning evaluation and optimization of the number of pieces in the machine’s printing area) and the 3D design preparation with respect to finishing machining (interfaces for CNC);
- slicing definition with an eye to a correct definition of the constructive layers, so that it is possible to achieve the best behavior to stresses and solicitations, minimizing process-induced stresses;
- support creation, aimed to the qualitative realization of the part (grant the geometry and shapes definition, especially in case of curved or angled parts) while keeping in mind the material characteristics and the following stages of support removal, post-process and finishing.



Qualification roadmap of parts for serial production aims to guarantee the interchangeability of parts made through AM with those previously produced with traditional processes.
The experience developed with our clients allow us to manage all of the qualification roadmap in the aerospace field, supporting operational activities of testing and verification too:
- Definition and qualification of AM productive processes (process control and certification, like for instance Printing Volume Isotropy testing, processed material characterization, etc..);
- Part Qualification definition (execution of specific tests on the part, such as specification compliance testing, fatigue, etc...);
- Technical Report emission (to support the change request);