Supply chain revision

We support our customers up to the highest level of the opportunities arising from the Additive Manufacturing technologies adoption. The "supply chain revision" is one of them: a silent revolution, not much known and discussed, but with a strong impact on costs structure and business models.

Capture the benefits of additive revolution

Because of the ability to realize finished products in a single stage of production and the possibility to transfer digital files (instead of the products or almost-finished), the new additive manufacturing technologies enable radical innovations within the supply chain.
The advantages of a supply chain revision project are manifold:
- warehouse stock reduction (on demand production), with significant impact on working capital, logistics current cost and inventory fixed assets;
- just in time production revision, with an high impact on costs and inbound & outbound logistics;
- "Additive Supply Chain" development, through powder suppliers and print materials, printer spare parts and consumables (such as filters, gas...), by applying new warehouse management methods;
- access to new markets and new manufacturing location choices, closer to the end customer and without huge investments in large production facilities;
Thanks to CO2 emissions reduction, the supply chain review is mostly appreciated by the major, within the environmental sustainability and the green economy strategies.