turnkey design of production areas for 3d printing

As a  company exclusively focused on 3D printing services, we have developed a deep knowledge and experience on the issues related to the design of production areas and the setting up of infrastructures for production purposes. Dragonfly has specific expertise on safety (ISO 18000) and environmental (ISO 14000) issues with regard to additive technologies.


Together with leading industrial players (success cases, both Italian and international, of AM adoption) and field associations (AITA - Italian Association Additive Technologies), we are involved in the development of new standards and best practices. This experience allows us to support the entire route of AM technologies adoption and processes associated.

- design of the Additive Manufacturing workshop (identification of areas and design of the production line, plant requirements, sizing, predisposition to the modularity and systems scalability, risk analysis on safety and related requirements);

- coaching for the acquisition of the necessary technical skills, preparing workers for daily operations, including print data preparation, work cycle preparation, and conducting efficient and safe plant procedures;
- training for process parameters development in order to achieve objectives such as: surface finish, material properties, structure definition, print job optimization, etc.

Health and safety in compliance with standard and regulations

There are currently only a few studies on health risks in AM workplaces. Regulations for workers safety have not fully integrated specific standards for risks associated with AM technology yet.
The main the risks for workers in additive manufacturing environments are:
- chemical risks arising from volatile resins used in the additive manufacturing of polymer components, additives and volatile metal or non-metal content in metal powders;
- chemical-physical risks associated with the use of powder, especially if nanoparticles are involved;
- risks of explosion/flame caused by the use of powders;
- specific risks arising from the use of lasers, electron beams, UV, etc.
Corresponding to these risks, appropriate security measures need to be put in place.